Loan for private clients with interest rate 3.99% in BGN or EUR

We provide support when you need it.

For repairs in your home, a new car purchase or current needs.

  • interest rate of 3.99% in BGN or EUR
  • amounts from BGN 5 000 to BGN 100 000
  • loan maturity - from 6 months up to 10 years
  • apply for and receive the loan entirely online
  • quick reply

Example: Loan for private clients in the amount of BGN 30 000 with salary transfer and a loan period of 5 years, 

fixed annual interest rate of 3.99%, equal monthly installments BGN 553.14, 

total amount due (principal, interest and fees) BGN 33 988.36. Annual percentage rate of charge (APRC) - 5.17%.