100% Flexible

Add or withdraw funds free of charge as often as you like without loss of interest.

  • Minimum amount: for opening Savings Account FlexSave is not requested minimum amount
  • Period - Savings Account is opened for unlimited time
  • Interest accrual principle: Interest is accrued on the balance available at the end of each day, and is calculated at the end of each month
  • The interest calculated at the end of each month is credited to the current account

Deposit interest rates

Currency Nominal Effective*
GEL** 8% 8.3%
USD 0.9% 0.9%
EUR** 0.4% 0.4%
Assumption: *Assumptions used to calculate the effective interest rate of the deposit: The initial deposit on the deposit was made in the amount of 1,000 units on the day of concluding the contract; No additional deposits or withdrawals were made on the deposit within 12 months; Withdrawals are made after 12 months; ** The interest rate in GEL on deposits opened before 25/09/2018 is nominal 4.5%. Effective 4.6%; Interest rate in GEL on deposits opened before 28/06/2021 nominal 5%. Effective 5.12%; Interest rate in euro on deposits opened before 20/11/2019 Nominal 0.1% Effective 0.1%