Contact Centre

What can I do via Contact Centre?

Contact Centre assist you to:

  • obtain information about all ProCredit Bank services;
  • block a stolen or lost debit or credit card, issued by ProCredit Bank;
  • obtain information about registration for and using ProB@nking – ProCredit Bank’s Internet banking system;
  • get advice in case of technical problems with Internet banking, lost passwords and difficulties with TAN-codes.

Can I get information about my account?

Contact Centre does not provide any information about the clients' accounts, balances and transactions on them. This kind of information is easily obtainable via ProB@nking - the bank's internet banking platform.

Are there any technical requirements for my phone in order to dial Contact Centre?

To make a call to Contact Centre it is necessary for your phone to be in tone-dialling mode.

How can I switch to tone-dialling mode?

If necessary, you can switch from pulse to tone dialling in one of the following ways:

  • Via a switch, which is located on the left or the right of your phone - in one direction is "pulse" the other is "tone";
  • Using the "star" key, which is situated on the phone keypad (press "star" before pressing other keys);
  • By specially programming the phone. 

How do I connect to Contact Centre from abroad?

To reach Contact Centre from abroad you need to dial +30 2316008840 or +30 2316008841. 

Please be aware that additional charges may apply depending on your location and the roaming operator. The call will be charged as an international call to Greece from your current destination.

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