Open an account 100% online

Verify your identity via video call

Download the application and open an account

Open a bank account in less than 15 minutes

Private clients can now open a bank account entirely online − faster and easier than ever 


Our platform is unique, as it enables clients to confirm their identity via video call when opening an account. This innovative feature is a first in the Kosovo market.

How to open an account 100% online?

First download the free mobile app on iOS or Android and then select the "OPEN BANK ACCOUNT" option and then follow the process. 

Know How Video

Unique account features:

  • Open account entirely online
  • Bank card sent directly to your home
  • e-Banking activated immediately 

Account opening process:

  • Enter your data
  • Video call with a bank representative
  • Finalisation of agreement 

Benefits of account:

  • One account, all services
  • Fixed monthly fee
  • Online account management