ProCredit Debit Card – All in One.

Our MasterCard debit card gives you all the flexibility you need. Not only you can use the card at POS all around the world, but you can buy online and book your trips on the internet.

Withdrawal and deposits cash in our 24/7 zones free of charge.

3 free of charge whitdrawals per month at ATMs of other banks in Macedonia. 

Access the MasterCard network of ATMs worldwide.(full pricelist)

We use 3D Secure technology so that you can safely shop online.


E-Banking – Safety First!

State-of-the-art 2 factor authentication to secure your transactions.

We use sophisticated fraud prevention algorithms to monitor your account’s activity, to detect irregular transactions and stop them if they occur.

Real-time SMS notification on all your transactions so that nothing can happen to your money without you being informed.

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M-Banking – The Bank in your pocket!

Use modern and simple mobile application which offers the following benefits:

  • Balance check of all your accounts
  • Transfer and withdrawal from your online savings account – FlexSave
  • Transaction history
  • Block/Unblock option of your card
  • Change of card 
  • National Payments
  • Creating a list of Beneficiaries

Available on these platforms:Android and Apple Store

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