100% Online
100% Online
  • You open the account without having to come to the bank
  • Using ProBanking Plus or MB@nk you can transfer money from and to your current account
  • You can add or withdraw money at any time, without losing the accrued interest
  • Interest is calculated on the daily balance and is paid monthly
  • Don't worry about maturities with an interest-bearing account

Good interest
Good interest
  • You benefit from an advantageous interest rate of 1.8% per year
  • No minimum amount to set up
  • No account administration fee for FlexSave

Why do we recommend FlexSave for your savings?

With FlexSave you can start saving effortlessly, without worrying about a due date, with the flexibility of a current account for deposits and withdrawals, and with an advantageous interest rate of 1.8% per year.

If you are a ProCredit Bank customer and you don't have FlexSave for individuals already, you can open it 100% online by sending a message from the ProBanking Plus application. The account opens in a short time and you enjoy an interest rate of 1.8% per year from the first day.

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If you are not already a ProCredit Bank customer, open a 100% online account and start saving with FlexSave. All you need is:

1. A mobile phone or computer equipped with a camera

so that we can perform the video identification online, without you having to visit the bank

2. Your personal ID card that you can use for identification

purposes during video identification

3. Just 20 minutes of your time

and this is all you need to start saving, as soon as today!

Terms & Conditions

Withdrawals and deposits are made through the current account, in the same currency as your savings.

This offer is only available with a current account. You can see here all the benefits of the Flex current account package.

According to the legislation in force, for all interest paid to private individuals, we calculate, withhold and transfer the tax to the State Budget based on tax residence as follows:

  • 10% applicable to private individual residents for tax purposes in Romania, in another Member State of the European Union or in a state with which Romania has concluded a double taxation agreement;
  • 16% applicable to private individual residents in a State not covered by the above mentioned situations.